The M.U. Skulls Gen Con 2004 Journal!
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Gen Con 2004 News Release
More Staff Missing from University

It is reported that a group of Miskatonic University professors, on sabbatical to Egypt, has disappeared.  'At this time we have no hint as to the whereabouts of the American scholars' said Col. Samuel Bigbee of the British constabulary.  'It is believed that they were tricked into searching for an old urban legend, known as the Black Pharaoh.  Whoever convinced the group to leave the safety of their hotel is most likely responsible for their fate.'  According to the constabulary's records an Egyptian citizen only known by the name 'Satish' gave the following statement, 'I do not understand what they want.  I come and ask if they need a guide.  I take two of the Americans to my home, where they assault me and knock my head with a gun.  Do I like Americans now? Not so much.  I hope Al-Ryan guide them.  I spit on the heads of them all, like onions.'  Disappearances seem to go hand in hand with Miskatonic University of late.   It has been six months since an expedition from Miskatonic University to Central America has been heard from.  'Of course I feel bad.' Says Miskatonic Universiy Dean David Addleson.  'It was my choice to send both groups, now I need to fill positions.  Those were tenured people; they don't grow on trees you know.'  Published reports show that the University sent a group of professors and students to investigate the disappearance of a valuable artifact known only as the Stone Monkey.  'When the investigation(s) are done I am sure the University will be found to be non-responsible for these horrible incidents.' says Addleson.
Dave was overcome by the events!
Marc refused to speak of the events!
No Leads in Case of Sinking Cruise Liner

Little has been found to explain the mysterious circumstances surrounding the recent sinking of the H.M.S. Olympic in the North Atlantic last month.  Aboard the ship were 174 souls, including a contingent of professors from the Arkham, Massachusetts based Miskatonic University.  As of late, speculation has arisen that some supernatural elements may have played a hand.  Roger Jones, representative for the New England Society of Preternatural and Mystic Events, recently proposed that some sort of Aquarian ritual was being conducted as the disaster occurred.  'It is my belief, and that of my colleagues, that there was more than an iceberg involved here.  A few minutes after midnight as the disaster occurred, an SOS was intercepted by the USS Tiberius, a freighter on its way to New York.  As the Tiberius approached there are reports of a large dirigible stuck in the upper body of the Olympic.  There are also crew men who claim to have seen a large creature, possible a 'sea serpent', over 200 feet tall.'
Eric comments about those behind the events!
A most dangerous man.
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