Inside Story: This came from the book series Mysteries of Michigan. My wife bought me the first two volumes as a Christmas present. When I got back from running the scenario at Gencon 2004, I heard the story of the Humongous Fungus on NPR and felt robbed. While playtesting the scenario it sort of turned into a whole "will of Landrau" thing from Classic Star Trek. That was mostly my doing to be sure, but the players picked up on it right away. Numerous comments of "You are not of the body," etc. were made.. This one had the least amount of wiz-bang multi-media effects and props and I think many people felt slighted. I actually really like this story and maybe for the "will of Landrau" stuff but it has one of my favorite elements in it, the moral dilemma. Do you let the aliens continue with their plan to destroy the monstrous fungus or do you take out the aliens and try to deal with the monster on your own? I look forward to your feedback!
The Colony

Listed on this page, in Adobe PDF format, are some of the adventures for classic Call of Cthulhu that we've run at Gencon for the past seven years. The M.U. Skulls runs new scenarios every year listed in the Gencon catalogue as Terror 101, Horror102, and Insanity 103 as four-hour slots.

In theory, the Terror 101 is the easier, more survivable, scenario, Horror 102 is more dangerous, and Insanity 103 is down right lethal. The players determine much of this, however. Some groups make choices that lead them to more dangerous paths and events that would otherwise be routine. Other groups make cautious choices and even sure death events are survivable. It always seems that the folks that work together have the best outcome.

As you can tell these are adventure sketches and outlines and not all of the details are completely fleshed out. In some cases there maybe additional maps and other assorted files we used but can't post. Feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions or comments about our thought process on the adventures. We'd like to receive constructive feedback and we include the author's Email address.
The Experiment

Inside Story: The Experiment was written to be the two-hour introductory scenario when we ran the You Too Can Cthulhu Events at Gencon. It has a little bit of everything, a dead mysterious professor in the story opening, the PCs as suspects, a missing book of arcane lore, a crazy friend/student, and an otherworldly monster.

This scenario really goes well with Arkham Unveiled supplement now re-released by Chaosium. We enlarged the Miskatonic University section of the town map at Kinkos and had the PCs running all over it throughout the adventure. We've run this one for years and has always been a favorite event for those that played it.
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Last Voyage of
the Olympic

Inside Story: I saw the movie Deep Rising and just knew I had to make an adventure out of it. I would use images from the movie Titanic to get the right time period. A little research later and I found out the sister ship of the Titanic, the Olympic was still in service. I found deck plans for the Titanic on the Internet, printed them out, and enlarged them on the Kinko's plotter. The first time I tried it out though, the adventure seemed to be missing something. Then I saw a really bad movie, Ghost Ship. It was a bad movie but had a good subplot of some Italian guys stealing a secret shipment of gold from the ship. I threw that subplot in. To keep things mysterious, I added a sťance by the grand-daughter of Madam Blavatsky. The part that I loved and the part that the players hated was, my playing the theme of Titanic every time the Captain spoke to the female PC.
Cairo Tomb

Inside Story: The Cairo adventure was greatly supplemented by the Cairo Sourcebook by Chaosium. Another piece that really helped the PCs get into the spirit of the whole thing was a couple of pictures from The Mummy re-make. 1920's locations can be difficult to get a feel for and a couple of pictures can really help the Keeper's descriptions. The first version had the PCs traveling across the desert to an unknown forgotten tomb, but the traveling sections kind of have a filler feel to them and I had a part of that in The Plateau of Leng. The next version had the tomb actually contained near the players. I took the map from the Cairo Sourcebook and enlarged it to table size. Now the adventure occurred entirely in the city of Cairo. For a one shot adventure I dislike having the PCs travel around too much as you lose some of the flavor of a location because you don't have enough time to let the PCs experience it.
Man From Leng

Inside Story: The Man From Leng was written quickly a few years ago. The story came to me in a flash and was written almost as quick. A player had finished with the game the day before and had signed up for an M.U. Skulls event run by my good friend Lisa. The player started to describe the game and Lisa said, "Oh, that's the one with all of Frank's personalities." This was the first of my adventures that I introduced a real moral dilemma, do you kill someone that is not only insane, but also never actually did anything wrong?
The Plateau of Leng

Inside Story: I really liked the setting of the movie The Keep but I didn't have a way of turning it into anything for Cthulhu. Later I put together the similarities of the Nazi occupation in The Keep with the Communist Revolution in Tibet. Now I had the right location and the right political setting. Some MP3 Tuvan throat singing files added a weird feel to the game. One twist of this story that the PCs would never know, is that the tribe of Tcho-Tcho was looking for their shaman. The same crazy guy that shows up in The Man From Leng.
Call of Cthulhu is copyrighted by Chaosium Inc. References in this article are used without explicit permission. Use of this copyrighted material is not meant as a challenge to the copyright of the owning company. This is just a fan site!
Arkham Excavation

Inside Story: Stuck on the idea of running a game in one town using a big map, I made Arkham Excavation. I put a bunch of stuff into it from the Arkham Unveiled supplement and it looked very promising. I also made a few Props from the Cthulhu Lives! documents collection.

This is also the first cross-over adventure to my New Graves, Michigan pseudo-campaign. Providing a connection to Arkham seemed to be a good starting point for the day I complete the loose collection of scenarios and events that occur in my fictional town of New Graves based on the actual location of Scottville, Michigan.
The Dive

Inside Story: I was kicking around an idea of tropical island horror but didn't have anything to really center it, then I watched the Port Royale story on PBS. I tossed in a different sort of cause for the earthquake, flash forward a many decades later, tie in to the Innsmouth conclusion and aftermath and it seemed like I finally had something!

This may have been the second adventure I made for Gencon. I had a couple of picture files of an actual archeological dig of the area and some of the artifacts that I scanned out of a library book. The things looked weird enough that it worked. Mike had given me some parchment paper he made and I printed a slightly altered version of a witness's actual journal entry of the disaster.
Midnight Moonshine

Inside Story: This was the first adventure I ever ran as part of Chaosium. I still think this is a great introduction to Cthulhu; moving power gamers to the horror genre. This also kicked off the New Graves Campaign. As you can see, New Graves is still referred to as Scottville. The idea came from a story that one of the bosses at work lived in one of Al Capone's vacation houses and it had a secret tunnel to the lake.

I also wanted to see if a group of heavily armed PCs could take out a mythos minion. As a game this one has been all over the place. This adventure has two distinct groups, mobsters, and the scientists. It's not specifically written like that but it is a fact and sometimes the two groups freaked out and went after each other. I never really understood why, too much of a good thing maybe?
The Relic of Yig

Inside Story: I bought the Apocalypse Now DVD (Redux had not yet come out) because it is one of my favorite movies. In the special feature section was a filming, with no dialogue of the destruction of the Kurtz compound. The film crew, as part of their agreement with the local government, had to destroy the compound. When I saw this great footage, I knew I needed to make this adventure.

I went back to the original story, The Heart of Darkness, mixed in the snake totem of Thulsa Doom from Conan the Barbarian, and I was ready. This was certainly the thinnest on plot of all of my scenarios but also one of my favorites. It had the super special effects payoff you want in any production!
Inside Story: This didn't turn out as well as I hoped. This was my first attempt at an adventure that takes place in Arkham. I've wanted to do an adventure with Herbert West during the "lost years" and decided it may go a little like this. There is also a nod to Lucio Fulci. I turned his Dr. Freudstein from The House by the Cemetary into Dr. Fauststein. By this time I was quite familiar with the M.U. campus after many years of running The Experiment, and used much of that setting for this scenario.

In the end it may be a little too mythos. Lovecraft's West story didn't have as much of a mythos element as this adventure has. I'll probably end up re-making this one, but I leave it here for your reference.
The Death of Dr. Faustein

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