The M.U. Skulls are a group of  like minded people with a desire to run entertaining and creative roleplaying games. We specialize in horror roleplaying but very much enjoy a wide variety of games.

To the right the M.U. Skulls    Chronicler is pictured. She does not seem pleased with the interruption...

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M.U. Skulls at Gen Con, 2004

M.U. Skulls  at Gen Con, 2005

M.U. Skulls at Marmalade Dog 10, 2005

M.U. Skulls at Foundation Games, 2005

M.U. Skulls were at I-Con September 10, 2005

M.U. Skulls were at Marmalade Dog 11, 2006

M.U.Skulls were at Origins, 2006

M.U. Skulls were at Gen Con 2006

M.U. Skulls were at Marmalade Dog 12, 2007
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