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Welcome to the back side of Ralph's sheet! This side identifies the things that Ralph is skilled at or what powers he has been granted. It also indicates how well he can do these things. Note the attribute modifier beneath the skill. Had Ralph had some higher attribute scores he would receive bonuses to his skills.
Secondary skills are the things that may help a character along in the Crusaders of the Holy Lands world but are less defining of who the character is or what their long term goal is.
This section is for those characters that have natural abilities or bonus skills. Ralph, being a Hermit, has the natural ability of a free Wilderness Survival skill.
Ralph is a scrappy guy as most Hermits are, so he has Brawl just in case he has to get in a scuffle with infidels.
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Since Ralph spends so much time in the wilderness he has some understanding of the natural medicinces The Lord provides.
Beyond just the basics, Ralph also knows some herbal healing. This will return hit points to a character.
Ralph also knows how to stop the effects of poison.
In his past life Ralph was a simple peasant farm hand. He still knows how to use his Sickle with great effect and keeps it razor sharp.
This is a miracle granted to Ralph by The Lord. Ralph can bring down lightning from the skies.
Ralph listened carefully to the old legends and feverishly read all of the Old Testament texts. Now Ralph can create a Golem.
Ralph's beliefs are so strong he can call upon the power of The Lord to protect him from evil magick.