A sample Crusaders of the Holy Lands character, Ralph the Hermit
(sorry the character sheet is a little rough to read folks but I wanted it to download quickly)
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Here is our man Ralph
Ralph is a Hermit. This would be the thing that most stands out to people and/or how Ralph identifies himself.
Every occupation has natural abilities or bonuses and drawbacks. Ralphs fervent beliefs make it difficult from someone to alter his thoughts and he has some innate resistance to magic attacks.
These are the physical and mental characteristics that are Ralph's overall structure. This is a percentile system and 50 is considered an average score. Double the Intellugence attribute score to get a character's Intelligence Quotient. 100 is considered average IQ.
Ralph's own personality as created by the player would describe where the attributes come from. For example, Ralph's Charisma is much lower than average. Is it because he whips himself into a psychotic frenzy talking about The Lord, or is it because he is a smelly unkempt mess?
The combat side. Everything you need to know if you've hit something or if something hit you is all right here. Attack values if you are using a ranged weapon like a long bow (missile) or a hand weapon like a sword (melee) and defense values for both armored and unarmored states are also in easy to use percentage format.
Hit points are shown. Ralph's body is divided into high and low zones with hit points assigned to each. If he reaches zero in either one he begins making Endurance saves. If he reaches minus five he dies.
Essense points are the amount of sprirtual or magikal power a character has. As you channel these energies a temporary toll is taken on your physical body.
Here is a list of all of Ralph's meager possessions. This is a fine place to put the damage your weapon causes, next to the weapon itself. Ralph's animal hides help provide some armor. I left the type of hide off so the player can have some freedom to choose.
Page 2 lists all of the skills, spells, and other similar devices a character may have.
Ralph's piety of 50 is the minimum amount needed to channel Miracles. 90-100 will likely make you a Saint upon your death. Your starting piety is chosen by the player and is altered during game play.