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Crusaders of the Holy Lands is a 13th Night Role Playing game set at the time of the end of the First Crusade. The Crusaders have had a prosperous existence and look forward to a peaceful future. The fractured Saracen forces begin to plot their counter attack and have formed into three large factions. Saladin deftly commands his Saracen forces from the North strictly adhering to the teachings of Allah. A true gentlemen soldier he always grants mercy to his foes. The Seljuk Turks rule the East, dark rumors describe armies of repugnant beastmen gathering at the border. To the South is ancient Egypt. News of a power over the dead and a new army of necromancy has drifted to Jerusalem. It is up to the players to defend the Holy Land against these enemies...

The basic rulebook includes all rules and setting information needed to play the game. All you need is a pencil and assorted dice or a computer random number generator. Included with the basic rulebook are rules for miracles and magick.
Read about the faiths, myths, and magick of the Crusaders of the Holy Lands!

Read about a region of the Crusaders of the Holy Lands!

Free PC Sheet available on PDF!

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The PDF Edition!

Consider a purchase of our product on CD Rom in watermarked PDF format. The watermark will list the purchaser's name. One printing of the document will also be allowed with the PDF CD Rom purchase.

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PDF Edition
The Softcover Edition!

The book is softcover with an
excellent layflat comb binding. Easily our most popular product and printed on high quality colored paper with heavy cover stock.

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Paperback Edition
The Tome Edition!

Each Crusaders of the Holy Lands Tome Edition book is specially handmade in an undisclosed Templar Dungeon that 13th Night Publishing has access to. The book has a unique durable textured hardcover. No two books are alike! This book is a prop unto itself!

This book retails for $65.00 + shipping and handling.
Tome Edition
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