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WRONG WRONG WRONG.  U.S. Movies are watered down for mass consumption.  Occassionally you will get a great movie, like Donnie Darko, Team America, or Mullholland Drive, but for the most part you are watching Cursed, White Chicks, Hitch, The Pacifier, Diary of a Mad Black Woman, Man of the House....the list goes on.  I contend it is all about the $$, not about art.  You may say, hey, you are right, but that is what it is supposed to be about.  In other countries, a director may make 2-3 movies a year.  Here it is 1 movie every 4 years.  They make movies that matter to them, not pick projects based on what will make the $$.  That, I believe, is part of the reason the movies are better, they can afford to take risks.  I can name 10 movies from other countries where the hero bites it in the end.  The concept of the tragic hero in america is all but gone, because it is such a "downer".  Even Kill Bill, especially Kill Bill, was just 10 different Asian films in one.  Remakes are here to stay because Hollywood has not figured out a good way to write a good movie.  America does not have a mythical history.  Mike mentioned Asian films as retellings of old classic myths and stories.  THAT IS WHAT MAKES THEM CLASSIC, THEY ARE GOOD, AND WILL CONTINUE TO BE GOOD.  Also I think the foriegn director has a different view of things.  I am thinking of some h-wood films last year I liked.  Hellboy, Once upon a time in Mexico, The lord of the Rings, HP and the prisoner of Azkaban.  All foriegn directors.  Movies I am looking forward to...Sin City, King Kong, Pan's Labrynth, Unleashed, Dark Water.  All foriegn directors.  They are made fast, cheap, and many times better than stuff made by Bob Zemekis and company.  I could only wish Carpenter would take a chance on something and not make Assult on, Ghosts of Mars...
Hey Marc, I think movies made in the US are good, how about you?