The MU Skulls at Origins 2006!
Well folks, Mike and I made it back with only minor sanity loss. The Skulls events went very well and we very much appreciate the hard work of A fine bunch of folks and if we make it back to Origins we look forward to working with them again.

Unfortunately, our camera crew could not attend with us this year so we don't have too many pictures to show you this year.

I made it to the minatures room though, and snapped a couple of photos for you!
This is a portion of Uncle Duke's (Duke Seifried) excellent minature gaming section. I had a chance to Uncle Duke in action as he educated a few younger and older gamers in the rules of biblical battle strategy. All I can say is that he is a class act and really knows his stuff. The same goes for Uncle Duke's friends that also staffed the tables.

This is Uncle Duke's Battle of Five Armies game, my favorite of the bunch!
The battle for Helm's Deep looked great but I never got to see it in action.
This was the Car Wars arena. Probably the best use of "Girder and Panel" building toys I have ever seen!
I never saw this one in action so I'm not sure what it is supposed to be. My guess is that it is the Boxer Rebellion.
Of course you have to have the Hoth Megagame!
Just when you think the weirdness will end, Mike and I pass this on our way home!