The Gen Con 2006 Report
Prez Note: This information came right from the stream of consciousness that is our Staff Counselor. I've tried to piece togther the whole mess along with the few photos that were sent to me.
Well, my Gen Con was a bit different this year as my brother and I took over the GM duties for the Skulls.  It was a working con, and I am not sure how I survived.  I will give the best summary I can.  The con started off under weird circumstances Wednesday night, but I will not go into them…instead fast forward to Thursday.  8 AM – My brother and I played in a Infinite Imaginations Cthulhu game.  This is the third I.I. game we have played in over the years and the second with GM Elisa Ford.  (Perhaps the incorrect first name)  I can say that she is one of the best GMs we have played with, and her games are always enjoyable.  She can cry on a dime.  And convincingly too.  Anyway the game was about a missing girl, some evil pact, a drug den…just your normal Gencon fun.  Very good indeed.
At noon I ran my first game for the Skulls.  It was entitled “The Plantation”.  The setting is an old Louisiana plantation, which had been converted to an inn.  Grisly ritual murders abound, strange dreams of a slave girl are present, and a book actually made from a bone is involved.  Add an eternally young witch trying to bring her dead sorcerer husband back to life in a sinking house and you have a rollicking good time.  Did I mention slave zombies as well?  I know it sounds a little out there, but it was a lot of fun.  I am not sure if any players survived, primarily because they did not take the escape route that was given them, and the fact that several were insane before the finale.  In the end, the players had fun, which is the key.
5 PM- During this time my friend and I played in the WORST RPG game I have ever played in.  (My brother ran the Skulls game.)  Lets put it this way, I was Remmington Steele.  And along with Hannibal Smith, Magnum PI, and the guys from Jurassic Park, we went monster hunting in “Cthulhu vs. Godzilla).  After a 45 minute monologue (no joke) introduction, we got to play.  4 hours later we had not seen Cthulhu or Godzilla.  That is 5 hours of my life I will never get back.  I could have been smoking a carton of Viceroy 100s, it would have been more productive.  Anyway, I ducked out of the festivities of Cthulhu vs. Godzilla a few minutes early, to prep my 9pm game, “Greyrush”.  This game involved the investigators traveling to Nevada to investigate a possible new element discovered in an old mine.  Consequently the mine collapses and they seek their escape through a passage marked with signs of Jesuits.  Turns out they actually stumbled into an Aztec pyramid, and the Jesuits sealed it up for good reason: It held the resting place of Aboth.  Anyway, after a darkened suduko type puzzle played with flashlights, poison that made one investigator witness horrible sacrifices, meeting Aztec ghosts, escaping Aztec golems though a hole in a giant Tsathoggua statue, and dealing with Aboth trapped under a large crystal window, some of the investigators escaped, one with a bag of rubies.  All in all, fun was had by all.
Prez Note: I don't like to bash another guy's game but that does sound pretty bad. And THEN not to deliver on Godzilla!? WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Day 2
Well this day started off with us deciding weather we were going to go to our 8AM game.  I am not sure if we did, that is how tired we were.  When noon rolled around again I ran “The Plantation” again.  This group fared a bit better than the first, even though the sorcerer came to life and started throwing death spells around.  Actually a couple people escaped the sinking house and the zombies.  Some didn’t.
Prez Note: Does he even mention the bone book again? No. That project took way too much time and then there were maggots! And only one lousy mention by Marc....

If you want to see how cool it looks
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At 5 my brother and I played our first ever “Delta Green” game.  He played the leader of a group of Army Rangers, and I was the Delta Green squad leader.  It involved going to rescue a downed chopper, and eventually dealing with a cult of crazy Chinese old one worshipers.  My brother had sex with one of the other male rangers.  (He claims he was tricked).  Anyway, that set us up to run our annual special game, “Madness 401”.  People who played in this last year may remember us dressed up, in a semi-LARP situation.  This year the name of the adventure was “Split Decisions”.  Both my brother and I ran individual groups of 6 players though roughly the same scenario.  The investigators were sent to an archeological conference in Hawaii, and while there, people, well, the whole hotel, started going insane.  You know, murder, self mutilation, biting off of one’s toes, drinking kerosene.  Turns out that the keynote speaker (who hung himself) either stole an idol from a cave (in my brother’s game) or placed an idol back in a reliquary, causing multiple realities to collide.  You see, each of the 6 characters in my group had a double in his.  In the end they were brought together and had to figure out which reality to save.  Either they put the idol back, or they took the idol out of the cave.  Each group needed to do something different.  What they did not know is the reason that everyone was going insane was that the idol, in each reality was a sort of lynchpin, and when its status was changed, it opened the lock on CTHULHU.  So after 15-20 minutes of having the groups fight over what needed to be done, Cthulhu rose from the depths and began slaughtering people.  The way out was to say a binding spell, and lock the “lynchpin” back in place, or out of place as the case may be.  Well, when big “C” came, most of the people suffered aneurisms, or their brains melted.  But a few did live.  And some even stayed sane.  In the end there was one man from my group (who could not use his hands) and 2 from my brother’s group.  The ritual was performed by my brother’s group, and my group’s existence faded away.  All in all fun was had.  The game ran 1 and a half hour late until 2:30 am.  I would be remiss if I did not point out that in my group was the best Cthulhu player I have ever played with.  He played a psychology student, who had been doing a study on Sadomasochism.  Needless to say, I almost cried when he told another character in a proper English accent (after digesting opium) “Shall I fashion us a rope hammock?”
Because of his stellar portrayal, I am retiring the character, Samuel Hendershot, for good.  He simply could never be played better.
Prez Note: David was tricked like smokers don't know cigarettes are bad for them. They want it and pretend it's the other guy's fault....
Prez Note: How cool is that!
Day 3 – This morning I played in the D&D open.  Basically a hack and slash game.  Some of my group found it enjoyable; I thought it was just OK.  Maybe I was too tired, but likely because there was little interaction other than me saying “attack” a whole bunch of times.  Either way, I got killed by dumb luck, a creature happened to open a secret door next to where I stood.  Probably not on my Gen Con ’07 agenda.  Then came the live dungeon.  Last year I did not like it, and I said I was not going back.  For some reason I let my buddies talk me into it again this year.  I thought it was better than last year, but I still think sleep would have been more worthwhile.  I am not going to do it again next year.  Déjà vu…. 
Prez Note: I'm glad to hear this because he makes me play with him. I only have  mornings available and I'm too burned out then to be effective. I spent last year laughing about the "magma" that was in one of the rooms. See last year's page!
Anyway, then at 5 I ran my final game for the Skulls, it was entitled “My Will Be Done”, and was about the investigators on a trip when their car gets in an accident.  They see an old house on a hill and go to it.  My goal was to put as many clichés in the adventure as possible.  For some reason at least one of the adventures got really pissed because of the setup.  Well, not much to do for him, I mean, he already bought his ticket.  Anyway, they arrive at the house only to be ushered in to a room with some other folks.  Then came in a guy with a robe, who was later revealed to be Dr. Zolar Morbeus, Master Mentalist and Keeper of the Arcane.  To make a long story short, everyone was there for the reading of the will of the guy who lived in the house.  It was a public reading and anyone who could stay in the house overnight with their body and mind in tact, got a share of the old dead guy’s loot.  The one condition was that there had to be a séance at midnight to tell if the dead guy’s soul was ok.  Also turns out the dead guy was obsessed with the arcane, and a collector of “questionable” items.  Morbeus was great to play, a total ham, who passed around various props from various other games I ran, explaining the arcane significance of each like a 3rd grader at show and tell.  If the investigators fiddled too much with them, they would get visions and such.  Very fun.  Then came the séance, which I used prerecorded sounds for, and a distorted speech for the dead guy, who warned them to get out.  It was very effectual with the lights out in the room, and candles lit on the tables.  Well, in the end it turns out that there is a family of ghouls living in the crypt under the house, actually the dead guy’s ancestors, and they wanted to reanimate him, make him a ghoul etc.  You see the dead guy was also into necro-experiments, which caused 2 ghoul dog-like creatures to reanimate and eventually roam the house, chasing the investigators, and forcing them to try to escape through the crypt.  Strangely enough, most did escape, although it was by rolling some freakish strength check on the front portcullis.  Again, another skull success.  That night I played a game called “Shadows over Camelot”.  Not a bad board game, but it would need to be played with 6 other people to be fun.
Day four was spent roaming the halls after the GM did not show up for the game we were to play.  I did demo several Mayfair Games, and became a Knight of Catan. (See photo). 
Prez Note: Sadly Marc is really into it...
Also, somewhere along the way our pledge, Rob Roberts (yes, his real name) slept with The Great Cthulhu.  (Again, see photo)
Prez Note: Just -some- of the hazing that goes on....
All in all it was a great con, but could have been better with the boys from “Lady of the Lake” – Michigan.
Prez Note: This is the real mystery. Neither David or Marc would comment on this picture.

I guess what happens at Gen Con stays at Gen Con. See you next year!