The M.U. Skulls at Gen Con 2005
The almost secret journal
Marc checks the guide Wednesday evening to be sure there are no last minute changes to our events. Thankfully, there were none!
We're stacked up waiting for the dealers room to open on Thursday morning. I'm waiting for a Klingon deathmatch over the factory seconds Mondomats by Chessex, meanwhile there is the dice rolling ceremony. Tension mounts!
There are people everywhere!
See video of my dangerous trek into the exhibit hall!!!
This was the coolest terrain I saw at the convention. It was for the Starship Troopers demo game.

Overall, I was disappointed with the quality of the miniatures games. There used to be some really great stuff.

When the Lego pirate ship people begin to be photographed as a detailed game you know you have a slip in the quality.
On Thursday, Marc's arm meets Barney Miller's Ron Glass...
To the Chaosium Call of Cthulhu Rally!
The opening ceremonies
Friday night brings us to the Call of Cthulhu Rally. This also happens to be Chaosium's 30th year in business.

The photos were not intentionally blurred, but certain mind blowing events have affected either the camera or our ability to perceive what is occurring.... Fnord!
Hey, what's on that screen anyway?
All the way from Carcosa....
Who's into it? M.U. Skulls President Frank, that's who!!!

Those Magic Glasses really rocked too.... They may have been on the camera for these pictures....
Leaving the Rally early, Marc and David had to hustle back to the M.U. Skulls room to run the Madness event.
Marc as our hero, Baron Zamudi, telling us to stop the evil play.
David's players were attempting to act out their play, a scene from the Yellow Sign, which would transport people to Carcosa.
And then more chaos as the actors begin to chant the ritual. Now one of our group has taken over for one of their group that was killed. Drugs may have played a factor....
Then the two groups came together. Baron Zamudi's (Marc) group attempting to stop the play and David's group attempting to finish it!
More chaos ensues...
Mike's game on Saturday
So, how did they die?
Mike's janitor character gets in touch with his feelings.
Frank's game Saturday night
Frank plays Bob Rastaman, the Jamaican boat captain. As it turned out, Bob was the only NPC of the game.

A side view of Bob's boat is displayed for the players.
The players become concerned when Bob's boat becomes lodged on the steps to the ancient temple....
You say there's methane under the temple? Let's set off the dynamite and see what happens....
Saturday Night after all of the games have been run...
Fatigue and the word Magma catch up with David.
What is causing Marc to cry laughing?

The next morning we would get clarification and a re-enactment...
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