Final thoughts Mike?
Scariest non game moment: enroute to GenCon stopping at a redneck /
biker gas station in Kokomo and realizing I'm wearing my Lemonheads
shirt and lime green elf slippers.

Scariest game moment: trying to maintain the reins of a game as a GM
while being blurry-eyed with a table of half crocked MU Skulls and a
storyline that is going down the crapper.

Most fun in-game player moment: the return of the palsied
parapsychologist August Petersfeld, and a stymied GM Andy during the
Pulp Cthulhu round.  "They do that, you know."  "Excuse me - were
building a relationship here!"

Most fun player session: Marc and Daves Friday night game as Marc
emerged with his Mojo face paint and Dave went a little wild eyed while
the chaos in the theater ensued.  I must say, those dimestore hats and
little masks really made my night.

Most fun session GM session:  Green Tree Manor with the fine folks of
Flying Tricycle.  Dropped out most of the subplot because they were
having such fun with just the ghost story.  A near TPK as Col Mustard
mentally snapped and found himself back in the trenches of the Great
War surrounded by Jerries.  Also gave rise to that wonderful moment
when, as all hell is breaking loose, one of the PCs decides she is
going to mundanely check on the health and welfare of the house cats. .

Greatest spectator moment:  watching Frank in a head scarf and his ever
growing paper doobies pulling out maps of increasing size.

Most amusing moment:  The look on the poker chip dealers face in the
exhibition hall as he tried to figure out if Frank really just pocketed
a roll of his crappy chips.

Most embarassing moment: Frank wretching in our hotel room at the smell
of my LL Bean Mocs after a long day of standing and running games.

Most insane moment:  The "after the con" Saturday night meal at the Ram
with Marc and Dave in tears and nearly peeing their pants. . . and
Franks wonderful qoute:  "I don't want to be here, you don't want to be
here, she definately doesn't want to be here"  and Dave's qoute " It's
looks like you just realized that you (Mike) feel worse that what I
(Dave) look."

Biggest downer: the Exhibition Hall, although the full scale cathedral
wall and WW2 APC's were cool. . .

Overall, it was an enjoyable con.  Wasn't the best, but I still had a
good time.  I think all the down time really killed me.  Instead of
getting up to speed and staying at it all day. . . the on again off
again schedule appeared be be more tiring than restful.