Final Thoughts Marc?
Gencon 2005 impressions

Favorite non-skulls game played:  I would have to say it was "Kobold's Ate My Baby".  Evidently everyone in the world knew about this game but me.  I got a chance to play it on Friday night, and I was impressed.  The game itself costs 5.95 from 9th level games.  It is a small book and a map.  The content itself is a somewhat improvised RPG, as you play a Kobold collecting babies for a feast for King Torg. (ALL HAIL KING TORG, KING OF THE KOLBOLDS!).  Anyway, you work with and against the other players.  The babies are worth points.  You get the most you win.  Example of play:  I went into a house to get a baby.  I was attacked by the baby's mother in the kitchen.  Two of my fellow kobolds ran in, but instead of helping me, they ran upstairs to get the baby.  When I finished the mom off with a knife, I lit the kitchen on fire, ran outside, and barred the door - trapping my traitorous fellow kobolds inside to burn.  And then the evil chickens came.

Least favorite game:  True Dungeon.  I played it last year and it was the highlight of the con.  This year it stunk.  It was room after room of puzzles.  There was no scenery, there was no variance in room design, there was no fun.  All of our party members survived each dungeon.  Just a waste of time.

Funniest moment:  Mike Noorman doing his Michigan J. Frog imitation at 3:30 in the morning at the RAM restaurant.  Dagon's Wang will be available for purchase there next year.

Also, I had a DM cancel the game in the middle of the session because he felt we missed too many clues to go on.  I call that for what it is….Bull$h!%!!!  If your players miss a vital clue, put it somewhere they will find it.  Hell, make them trip on the book they missed because they did not find the book they needed in the basement.  Come on, you run the game.

Overall, the con was good.  Not as good as last year, mostly because almost one whole day was spend in the live dungeon of disappointment.  But hell, I am a mark, I will probably sign up for it again…NOT.