Final thoughts David?
Well, here is my quick take…Gencon 2005

Favorite non-Skulls Game: The Imp Game.  If you have ever sat around a fire and had each person contribute to make up a story, you have played the Imp Game.  The difference is that our goal was to get the Master of the Imps a present (we are still undecided if it was to build a statue or bake a cake) for his b-day.  Admittedly, milking a boar while trying to ride a unicorn that has a beaver stuck on it's horn while trying to procure 2 Elephant Eggs may sound easy, but imagine attempting this while avoiding straight lines and food preparation.  Ok, so the game went 2 hours longer than we should have allowed and I can't help but feel that drinking the night before, getting to sleep after four am and the infamous MAGMA played a part, but I enjoyed it.

Least Favorite Game: I agree with Marc - TD was a disappointment.  We built that up and it was not much of a challenge.  The best part of that was hearing our friend Chris' names he made up for the various overpriced drinks he was vending.

Funniest Moment: It had to have been the MAGMA breakdown.  After listening to Frank say "magma" all day long and not finding it the least bit funny, I finally broke down.  This ranks right up there with Frank admitting he did not want to drink his beer at 3:30 am, knowing that he would be asleep in like 15 minutes, but watching him down half a glass anyway.  It's just the roles we had to play…

Moment Regretted the Most: Besides not taking advantage of Frank's room key, I guess I regret not spending more time with Mike and talking about serious things.  Sure, 3 am at BW3's is a good place to talk, but the man has things to say - he is really a Buddhist at heart - next year I will bring him mala beads.

Scariest Moment: I think the scariest moment for me was right after our experimental joint game finished and I realized that there were times I actually believed Marc, Frank, and the entire opposing team were indeed sinners.  I stopped to think about it and realized that there were points in the play where I really felt that I was a servant of Hastur.  I think Marc even believed it as he said to me during one of our 30 second con-fabs "I am crying because I am sad my team is losing".

Other than that, Gencon was a good time.  This year it was less about games played and more about people.  I wish there were more things on the floor that were new to demo, but really, how many crappy card games can you try out?  Next year I look forward to running even more Skull events - in fact Marc and I are coming up with our next gimmick scenario - from what we have so far, it will have to be played outside or in the Dome.