Foundation Games Convention 2005
News Alert 7/08/06!
I guess Foundation Games Convention is defunct because when you click on their link it takes you to an online gambling site! Yikes!
The expected attendence was over 1500 people. Maybe not quite 1500?

Unfortunately my expectations were met. I didn't think we would have enough gamers to fill the hall. This picture was taken on Saturday at about 11:00 am.
Mike's reaction on video!
Maybe more people in the Role-playing section? I guess not.

To be fair there was another section for roleplaying with twice as many people. That still doesn't add up to very many though...
The dealer's area.

I felt there was pretty good turnout for a local convention. No lines to any of the dealers either... Doh!
Dustin and Deb at the Chasoium booth.

Chaosium was the only actual game manufacturer at the convention.
Mike is in awe of the elusive Andy, Chaosium's faithful demo Keeper! When they can pry Andy away from the dealer booth he runs the You Too Can Cthulhu demonstration adventures!

Is that the infamous Joseph Wolf in the background? I think it is! He still has that old spitoon.
Mike's gaming group. At least he had a good group! Is that famed Strange Aeon's poster Wes Frank?

Mike said someone stole his dice from this table. Hmmm...
Mike in action!
Maybe this is cool? Legoland attacked by zombies?